This is my safe space. White pages for escape. You came here to learn. this place was never meant for you. It is mine. I do not filter myself for your feelings, not for anyone’s feelings. I came here for me, before I ever even knew your name. I wrote about heartbreak and anger and all of the sad sappy shit, when you were getting married and giving away your name. Yet you come here to twist my words, use them against me, when all I was doing was sorting them out. Verbs and nouns, putting them in boxes and labeling sounds. this is where I go to talk to myself, you made it about you. You changed the equation to equal the sum of you. But it was never the sum of anything or anyone. This is the place for only 1. No wonder you never had any fun. I think it is easier for you this way. You can blame me and hate me. We were never meant to be, things are better now, you can stop hating me. But I will still come back to this place, to hold my mirror up, reflection of me. If you come here and don’t like what you see, you can’t blame me. you should leave.


Mother of twins, writer of words in SLC, UT

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